About us

Welcome to Glowing Globe

Glowing Globe Ltd is a company registered in the United Kingdom.

We offer online publishing, media and design services with specialist web design and production skills.  We additionally offer product design and manufacture services and promotional products unique to your business which can be combined with your online design theme for a complete package.

Our divisions and brands include retail e-commerce, product development, manufacture and marketing, retail and wholesale.


Glowing Globe

Our head office and design studio is located in the East of England in Bedford. We also work with carefully selected suppliers in the UK, mainland Europe, Asia and North America to deliver our products and services.


Glowing Globe: Our Divisions & Brands

Via a network of Glowing Globe business divisions we are able to reach a larger audience and market with brands that compliment our product range.

Design & Product Services

  • Graphic Design & Digital Online Design
    • With over 20 years professional design experience we are experts in graphic and online design solutions to meet your needs
  • Product Design & Manufacture
    • We are specialists in small custom product design and manufacture or we can take your ideas to production
  • Retail
    • Glowing Globe Ltd operates separate retail services
  • Promotional Products
    • We have several years experience in creating a range of promotional products to enhance your marketing portofolio, using our expertise in design and manufacture


Glowing Globe Ltd

  • A company based in the United Kingdom

Glowing Globe brings together our brands and custom design and production services.